Pennsylvania Publishes Proposed Regulation on Interrelationship of Providers

On June 10, Pennsylvania’s Independent Regulatory Review Commission published a regulation to amend Title 55 of the Pennsylvania Code (Pa. Code), Chapter 1101, by removing the section which prohibits a provider from leasing or renting space, shelves or equipment in the provider’s office to another provider or allowing the placement of paid or unpaid staff of another provider in the provider’s office. This proposed regulation will allow providers that are co-located to enroll or remain enrolled in the Medical Assistance (MA) Program without the need for a Secretarial waiver or the submission of an attestation. The proposed regulation also enhances the delivery of healthcare services to Medical Assistance beneficiaries by enabling them to receive services from more than one provider at the same location if they choose to do so. Interested parties may comment on the regulation for 30 days following publication. The final form regulation is expected to be published in the Spring of 2022.