Pennsylvania Publishes COVID-19 Treatment Drugs and Biologics FAQs

The Pennsylvania Department of Health on Dec. 24 published COVID-19 and Treatment Drugs and Biologics Frequently Asked Questions. For a product to be widely used to treat COVID-19, it must either be licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or have received an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). A product that has received an EUA is considered investigational, meaning that studies using the treatment are ongoing. While the product has been reviewed and can be used to treat persons with COVID-19, it is not licensed by the FDA. The term investigational is different from experimental. Experimental refers to treatments provided as part of a defined clinical trial. The FAQs provide information about drugs and biologics that have either been authorized under an EUA or licensed by the FDA. The document is separated by some introductory questions and then by the name of the drug or biologic to provide more detailed information. Substantive changes are shown in red font.