Pennsylvania House and Senate Announce Leadership Changes

The Pennsylvania Senate and House Republicans and House Democrats recently held leadership elections. Here are the results:


Senate Republicans (Majority Party)

Interim President Pro Temp: Jake Corman (Centre)

Majority Leader: Kim Ward (Westmoreland)

Whip: John Gordner (Columbia)

Caucus Chair: Bob Mensch (Montgomery)

Caucus Secretary: Ryan Aument (Lancaster)

Appropriations Chair: Pat Browne (Lehigh)

Caucus Administrator: TBD

Policy Committee: TBD


Senate Democrats (Minority Party)

Minority Leader: Jay Costa (Allegheny)

Whip: Anthony Williams (Philadelphia)

Caucus Chair: Wayne Fontana (Allegheny)

Caucus Secretary: Maria Collett (Montgomery)

Appropriations Chair: Vince Hughes (Philadelphia)

Caucus Administrator: TBD

Policy Committee: Katie Muth (Montgomery)


House Republicans (Majority Party) 

Speaker: Bryan Cutler (Lancaster)

Leader: Kerry Benninghoff (Centre)

Whip: Donna Oberlander (Clarion)

Caucus Chair: Mike Reese (Westmoreland)

Caucus Secretary: Martina White (Philadelphia)

Appropriations Chair: Stan Saylor (York)

Caucus Administrator: Kurt Masser (Northumberland)

Policy Committee Chair: Marty Causer (Franklin)


House Democrats (Minority Party) 

Leader: Joanna McClinton (Philadelphia)

Whip: Jordan Harris (Philadelphia)

Caucus Chair: Dan Miller (Allegheny)

Caucus Secretary: Tina Davis (Bucks)

Appropriations Chair: Matt Bradford (Montgomery)

Caucus Administrator: Mike Schlossberg (Lehigh)

Policy Committee Chair: Ryan Bizzarro (Erie)