Pennie ED Discusses Medicaid Unwinding Numbers During Spring Policy Forum

Devon Trolley, Pennie’s new executive director, presented enrollment numbers, 2024 key priorities and initiatives moving forward through the Medicaid unwinding process, and the coming 2024 open enrollment period during PACHC’s Spring Advocacy Forum this week. As of May 30, more than 33,000 applications for coverage have been transferred to Pennie from Medicaid. “Unwind” customers are those that have used the “Loss of Medical Assistance (MA)” special enrollment period qualifying life event. To streamline the customer experience and enrollment process, a customer could automatically have their eligibility assessed based on their MA information. The conversion rate of those moving from Medicaid and enrolling in Pennie over the past three months is 10%. These numbers will fluctuate over time due to customers’ ability to access retro enrollment through Medicaid and a Pennie 120-day Special Enrollment Period.