Path to Pennie Customer Experience


Pennie has just updated the Path to Pennie page and the Pennie Assister Resource page to add two new documents: Workaround for Path to Pennie Stakeholder Talking Points and Path-to-Pennie Customer Experience Job Aid. The Workaround for Path to Pennie Stakeholder Talking Points provides the steps for tax filers who used a known tax software program that did not provide the REV-1882 form and are uninsured to still be eligible for the Tax Filer Special Enrollment Period to enroll for coverage. The Path-to-Pennie Customer Experience Job Aid includes an example of the email the tax filer who is eligible for the Path to Pennie special enrollment period (SEP) will receive beginning Wednesday, April 6 telling them they will be receiving information via US mail because they submitted the REV-1182. Customers will receive a letter in the mail that will provide them with a unique access code. The document provides detailed instructions on how they go about accessing their Pennie account using this unique access code.