Pennsylvania Department of State Alerts that Health Professional Licensure Pandemic Waivers Are Expiring

The PA Department of State (DOS), under which all of Pennsylvania’s health professional licensure boards rest, has issued a notice that DOS’s professional licensing waivers issued under the COVID-19 disaster declaration will begin expiring in phases starting May 23. All waivers will expire by June 30. The legislature ended the COVID-19 disaster declaration in June 2021, extending some license waivers. Without a disaster declaration, the governor and DOS cannot further extend the waivers. Legislative action is necessary to develop any active waiver. Under Act 14 of 2022, all waived and suspended regulations initiated because of the COVID-19 disaster emergency would expire June 30, 2022, unless terminated earlier. Licensed professionals and other individuals affected by these waivers should make every effort to return to compliance based on the pending expiration. A list of all waivers and scheduled expiration dates is available on the Department of State website.