Pennsylvania Physical HealthChoices and Medicaid Enrollment Update

Due to the recent Physical HealthChoices reprocurement, more than 470,000 Medicaid eligibles were transferred to new Managed Care Organizations (MCOs). These consumers needed to voluntarily select a new health plan by August 16 to avoid being auto-assigned as of Sept. 1. The Department of Human Services reported only 26% actively selected a plan, with the remaining 348,000 consumers auto-assigned to a new plan. Those who were auto-assigned and desired to switch to a different plan had until Sept. 8 to do so for an Oct. 1 start date. With Aetna Better Health leaving the HealthChoices program entirely and changes to the UnitedHealth Care and Highmark Wholecare (formerly Gateway) network, new MCOs are required to maintain continuity of care for transitioning consumers. Continuity of care includes open prior authorizations, PCP assignment changes, and special needs. DHS also reported that 1,057,441 consumers are enrolled in the Adult Benefit Package under the Affordable Care Act Medicaid Expansion for a total of 3,541,516 Medicaid consumers statewide.