Pennsylvania Immunization Program Newsletter Launches


The very first issue of the Pennsylvania Immunization Program newsletter has been released. The Division of Immunizations will use this platform to communicate important updates, best practices, and significant changes related to the various programs within the Division of Immunizations, such as Vaccines for Children (VFC), Adolescent and Adult Immunizations Programs, the COVID-19 Vaccine Program, and the Pennsylvania Immunization Information System (PA SIIS) Registry. Health centers that are in the above programs should have received an email with this newsletter as it will take the place of information being sent out directly by each vaccine program. This newsletter will replace other vaccine communication from the PA Department of Health all and will be distributed every other month via listserv. If you did not receive the email from DOH with the newsletter and are participating in one or more of the above vaccine programs, email a request to be added to the distribution list to or