Pennsylvania Governor’s Administration Strengthens Mental Health Parity Review for 2024 Health Plans

Pennsylvania Acting Insurance Commissioner Michael Humphreys announced the Pennsylvania Insurance Department (PID) has strengthened its review of mental health and substance use disorder coverage in 2024 health plans. Insurers under PID regulation must file their plans with the Department for approval. Now, for 2024 filings, PID is enhancing its compliance review of mental health and substance use disorder parity requirements to prevent potential violations before they have a chance to harm Pennsylvania consumers. PID pushed insurers to correct parity issues found during the large group and student health filing review process, resulting in insurers correcting 100% of the issues identified during the front-end product review. Some of the corrections included requiring insurers to remove session limits for rehabilitative and habilitative therapies when prescribed for mental health, and to provide clearer exclusions of cost-sharing or session limits for mental health services. For more information on the mental health and substance use disorder parity, or to file a complaint or ask a question, visit the department’s Bureau of Consumer Services at or call 1-877-881-6388.