Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) Publishes Unwinding Numbers

The DHS Unwinding Renewal Tracker records 1,322,553 individuals listed as the Total Maintained Population during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency continuous coverage period. This is the total number of individuals who would have been ineligible or did not return a renewal and had their Medicaid coverage maintained between March 2020 and March 2023. The Tracker also breaks down information by zip code, age group, and county. As of April, for the Maintained Population, 77,129 completed renewal packets with 1,245,424 yet to have a renewal completed. Of the 77,129 renewals, 7,908 were closed and 69,221 remained eligible for Medical Assistance. Closures were due to consumers being determined ineligible based on information provided, failure to return documentation, and enrolling in Pennie. For the entire Medicaid population, 3,708,405 recipients were enrolled in Medicaid, 28,366 were newly enrolled and 15,560 were closed, indicating enrollment increased despite closures. The number of individuals who were eligible for Medicaid in the previous month and maintained coverage in the current month was 3,680,039.