Pennsylvania Counties Brace for Impact of State Budget Impasse

With the prospect that the state’s budget impasse could drag on for another two months appearing increasingly likely, county leaders are bracing for the impact of having to pay their bills when the state isn’t paying its bills. Tens of millions of dollars for county-level services for substance abuse, child welfare, mental health, and the intellectually disabled are expected to be held up in the coming days and weeks unless the state budget impasse is resolved, the Associated Press reports. State Senate Pro Tempore Kim Ward (R-Westmoreland) expressed that the Senate may return in August to pass the budget bill. However, the code bills, which provide the state government with how the state funds are to be allocated and spent, remain in the House. The House is not expected to return until the week of Sept. 26, after a special election on Sept. 19 for the House seat that is currently open due to Rep. Sara Innamorato’s (D-Lawrenceville) resignation.