Pennsylvania’s Childhood Blood Lead Test Act Now in Effect 

The Childhood Blood Lead Test Act was signed into law in November. 3, 2022, took effect January 2, 2023. The Act provides for blood lead assessment and testing of specific children and pregnant women by healthcare providers; imposes duties on the Department of Health; and requires particular health insurance policies to cover blood lead tests. The purposes of the Act are to substantially reduce and eventually eliminate the incidence of childhood lead poisoning in the Commonwealth, to improve public awareness of lead safety issues in housing, to educate property owners and tenants about practices that can reduce the incidences of lead poisoning and encourage testing of all children in Pennsylvania by two years of age so that prompt diagnosis and treatment, as well as prevention of harm, are possible. The state Health Department gave notice in the Pennsylvania Bulletin regarding how Act 150 of 2022 is to be implemented by healthcare providers.