Looking at “Easy Enrollment” for Pennsylvania Uninsured Residents

More than 700,000 Pennsylvanians are currently uninsured and many struggle to manage their health while maintaining economic stability. Some states have enacted a program called Easy Enrollment to increase access to coverage and streamline the process. Easy Enrollment utilizes state personal income tax returns. Individuals would be given the option to check a box if they or their family members lack coverage. The Department of Revenue would send their information, with consent, to Pennie. Pennie would then conduct an eligibility review. If a consumer is deemed eligible for Medicaid or CHIP, the information will be sent to the Department of Human Services for processing. Individuals deemed potentially eligible for Pennie will have a 60-day Special Enrollment Period to select a marketplace plan. The Pennsylvania Health Access Network (PHAN) has issued a policy statement for organizations to support this initiative. PACHC has already contacted PHAN to express their support for the initiative.