Rep. Meuser Co-Sponsors Legislation is Set to Address Healthcare Workforce Shortages

U.S. Rep. Dan Meuser, R-09, co-sponsored H.R. 1310 — the States Handling Access to Reciprocity for Employment (SHARE) Act — which will improve patient care and address workforce shortages that are causing a considerable strain on the healthcare system, particularly in rural communities. Current law requires healthcare providers to obtain a license or certification from each state in which they wish to practice. If a provider, such as a doctor or nurse, licensed in one state relocates to another, that provider must complete the licensure process again for each new state in which they wish to practice. This process is burdensome and strips providers of the ability to practice in any new state until the application is approved — sometimes taking more than half a year. The SHARE Act will make a technical correction to modernize a vital component of the licensure process for healthcare providers seeking a license under an interstate compact. Specifically, the legislation removes red tape and reduces administrative burdens by authorizing the FBI to share criminal history record information between states for licensure purposes. This will allow background checks to be completed in a much more efficient and timely manner, which is often one of the longest aspects of the license application process.