Read About the New HRSA Frequently Asked Question on Acquiring COVID-19 Vaccines

Q: How can I use Expanding COVID-19 Vaccination (ECV) and Bridge funds to cover the COVID-19 vaccine that my health center previously purchased or to pre-order the forthcoming COVID-19 vaccine?

A: You may use ECV funds to pre-order planned, but currently unavailable, COVID-19 vaccine to ensure you have an adequate supply of the newest vaccine compilation in the fall. This includes past pre-order costs that have not and will not be reimbursed by other sources. Consult with your Grants Management Specialist if this is a change of more than 25% of your current approved budget. If ECV-purchased vaccines are administered to individuals with payer sources (e.g., Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance), you must seek reimbursement and adjust your financial records accordingly. Reimbursed funds are considered Program Income and must be used in accordance with 45 CFR Part 75.307. HRSA anticipates that you may use the upcoming Bridge funding to pre-order the newest vaccine compilation. However, HRSA also expects there will be requirements on Bridge funding awards for making and documenting reasonable efforts to obtain such vaccines for free. More information will be available when Bridge funding is awarded.