‘Waiting with Bated Breath’: Health Clinics Are Anxious for COVID Vaccines Weeks after Rollout

NBC News recently covered the growing frustration of the delays in the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines. Weeks after the approval of updated vaccines, community health centers across the country say they are still waiting on their doses to arrive. The delays are preventing many vulnerable adults and children from getting vaccinated ahead of a potential winter wave. NBC interviewed Eric Kiehl, PACHC Director of Policy and Partnership, for the article. Pennsylvania’s health centers, which serve an estimated 1 million people a year, to date received just 900 COVID-19 vaccines, according to Kiehl. While the state health department has prioritized getting vaccines to health centers with a larger uninsured population, health centers that serve fewer uninsured patients “are probably still on the waitlist to get some vaccine,” Kiehl said.