Governor’s New Initiative Includes Healthcare Provider Survey

Gov. Tom Wolf announced this week that the Insurance Department, in partnership with multiple state agencies, released a survey asking healthcare providers for input on their experiences with barriers to mental health and substance use disorder treatment. The survey is part of the governor’s Reach Out PA: Your Mental Health Matters initiative, a long-term, statewide campaign that seeks to educate and empower Pennsylvania providers and consumers about consumer rights under state and federal parity laws. “The results from this survey will allow us to better inform and collaborate with providers, advocates and personnel on the front lines,” said Gov. Wolf. “Their experiences will help us enhance resources, develop more tools and create learning opportunities that will help serve the providers’ needs, which will ultimately help those in need of mental wellness services.” The provider survey will be sent directly to the email addresses provided to the Department of State through the licensing process. The deadline for responses is March 4, 2020.