Free At-Home COVID-19 Tests Still Available

The Biden Administration continues to remind Americans that every U.S. household can order four more free at-home COVID-19 tests from the US Postal Service website here. In order to close gaps in COVID-19 equity across the commonwealth, the PA Department of Health is also providing OTC COVID-19 rapid tests at no cost and is seeking partners to help distribute tests in high-need communities. Partners can request tests via an online form. Any questions for the COVID-19 Testing Team may also be submitted using this form. Participating organizations must:

·    Be able to receive delivery of and store tests on-site

·    Determine test pick up times/dates, and local distribution strategy

·    Communicate test availability to local vulnerable populations

Test quantity allocated is dependent on the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s supply on hand and submitting a request does not guarantee fulfillment. Priority will be given to sites that can access high-need populations and request fulfillment is limited to two requests per month.