Dental Bills are on the Move in Pennsylvania

The House Education Committee recently considered HB 1478 to allow Public Health Dental Hygiene Practitioners (PHDHPs) to perform the mandated dental screenings in schools. The Pennsylvania Coalition on Oral Health (PCOH) and the Pennsylvania Dental Hygienists’ Association presented testimony to the committee. In addition, the House Health Committee considered HB 1417 to restore the comprehensive adult dental benefits to Medicaid, and HB 1585 to codify teledentistry. The three bills all passed through the committee this week, with amendments. In addition, the current fiscal code language in HB 1300 would add $24 million in state funds that managed care organizations (MCOs) must use to increase rates paid for dental services. The legislation also requires the Department of Human Services (DHS) to seek a federal match of the funds. HB 1300 is currently in consideration in the Senate.