COVID-19 Vaccination Record Cards: What to Do When They’re Full

Providers and jurisdictions are raising questions about the procedure for issuing new Vaccination Record Cards if someone’s card is full. The ancillary kits that accompany every COVID-19 vaccine order include vaccination record cards for every dose and if a vaccination card is full, CDC recommends that providers complete a second card for the patient, staple the two together and encourage the patient to photograph both cards in case the two become separated. Patients should present both cards when vaccination history is required for travel, employment, or any other purpose requiring official, universally recognized documentation. They should also bring both cards to future vaccination appointments for verification of vaccination history. Some providers have the option to provide the immunization record from the jurisdiction’s immunization information system (IIS). The record would list the patient’s received doses. However, for travel, employment, or any other purpose that requires official, universally recognized documentation, the IIS record may not be acceptable. Questions may be directed to