COVID-19 Supplemental Funding Status is Unclear 

The FY22 omnibus appropriations package signed into law last week did not include $15.6 billion in COVID-19 supplemental funding. The House wants to vote on a separate COVID-19 supplemental funding bill that would provide funding to reimburse medical providers for COVID-19 testing, treatment, and vaccines for the uninsured. According to the White House, if the bill does not pass, the Administration is “simply out of funding” for federal COVID-19 supplies and treatment resources. As a result, free COVID-19 treatments like monoclonal antibodies will become more expensive, and two antiviral drugs authorized to treat COVID-19 under emergency use will be unavailable commercially. Democrats and Republicans are still debating how to offset the supplemental funding, which Republicans indicate must happen for legislation to move forward. NACHC is elevating the importance of this funding to health centers and the patients you serve.