Commonwealth Civilian Coronavirus Corps to Support Fall COVID-19 Recovery Efforts

Last week, Gov. Tom Wolf announced the creation of the Commonwealth Civilian Coronavirus Corps, a public service initiative that will support efforts this fall to increase testing and contact tracing and provide critical new job opportunities in the public health sector. As announced by the Administration, the Corps will also provide a unique opportunity for Pennsylvania to recruit and train COVID-19-impacted dislocated and unemployed workers into public service for contact tracing roles, which would help address Pennsylvania’s health and economic needs. The goals/responsibilities of this task force include:

  • Partnering with local public health agencies, community organizations and the nonprofit community to expand Pennsylvania’s existing testing and contract tracing initiatives
  • Leveraging additional resources to fund testing and contact tracing initiatives
  • Exploring creative ways to recruit experienced Pennsylvanians with health care and public health experience to support this initiative
  • Coordinating existing resources deployed by the commonwealth, including community health nurses and county health departments who are currently conducting testing and contact tracing throughout the state
  • Engaging partners in the workforce development system, existing allied health training program and AmeriCorps programs to build and strengthen a public health workforce across the commonwealth
  • Leveraging existing workforce development resources to recruit, train, and connect the public health workforce with employment opportunities
  • Engaging public health and healthcare employers to connect trained workers with long-term career opportunities