Appropriations Update: ‘Clean’ Continuing Resolution in the Works

The deadline to pass necessary appropriations bills to avoid a government shutdown is quickly approaching (Sept. 30th), and the possibility that Congress will pass a continuing resolution (CR) is becoming increasingly likely. Speaker Pelosi has publicly expressed that Democrats are in favor of passing a ‘clean’ CR, and Senate Appropriations Committee Chair Richard Shelby (R-AL) has acknowledged that negotiators will need to decide what a ‘clean’ CR encompasses, saying that he does not think hurricane relief and defense anomalies should be part of a ‘clean’ CR. Another point of negotiation will be how long the CR will last. It is rumored that Democrats are in favor of a CR that will last until early next year, while Republicans are interested in a CR that will last until December. According to the Coalition for Health Funding, the Senate is not likely to post or mark-up any of their appropriations bills before October, possibly not until after the election.