“All of Us” Participants ReceivingPersonalized DNA Results

The National Institutes of Health’s “All of Us” Research Program has begun returning personalized health-related DNA results to more than 155,000 participants, with reports detailing whether participants have an increased risk for specific health conditions and how their bodies might process certain medications. This marks a major milestone for the program, delivering on its promise to share information and return value to participants. “All of Us” aims to partner with at least 1 million people who reflect the diversity of the United States to accelerate medical breakthroughs. About 80% of “All of Us” participants represent communities that have been historically underrepresented in medical research and nearly 50% of “All of Us” participants identify with a racial or ethnic minority group. The program started returning genetic ancestry and trait results to participants in December 2020. So far, the program has offered genetic ancestry and traits results to more than 175,000 participants and continues to return about 6,000 results each month. Learn more.