Adult Vaccine Funding: Important Information from Pennsylvania of Health

Section 317 funding, which refers to Section 317 of the Public Health Service Act, which authorizes the federal purchase of vaccines to vaccinate children, adolescents, and adults, has been extremely tight, thus limiting many orders. Per the PA Dept. of Health, the following outlines the status of 317.

  • We are currently out of all remaining 317 funds through the end of the current vaccine budget year ending September 30. We have no 317 vaccines available to distribute. Our vaccines budget follows the federal fiscal year which is from October 1 through September 30th. Although 317 funds are extremely limited, we are not experiencing any limitations with our VFC funds nor do we anticipate any issues.
  • We will continue to offer all vaccines in the new budget year from October 1 – September 30 but vaccines will continue to be limited. Our 317 funding has been static the last few years, and like everything else, vaccine costs have gone up. With the same overall budget, unfortunately, that means that we have to offer fewer vaccines overall to account for the increased cost. This also means that most likely, funds will run out within the first two weeks of each month.
  • We ask that when ordering 317 vaccines, please order the minimum amount needed to get through each month as quantities of everything will be limited. Most 317 vaccines are orderable in 10 doses minimum quantities aside from the following below:

Orderable in 5 dose quantities:

  • Heplisav-B (Hep B)
  • MenQuadfi (MCV4)
  • Menveo (MCV4)
  • Adacel (Tdap) – syringes only

Orderable in single dose quantities:

  • Td (all brands)
  • PPV23 – Pneumovax 23
  • Bexsero
  • Shingrix (NDC: 58160-0819-12)
    • Shingrix will be extremely limited as availability for next year was cut in half due to costs. We will only have 50 doses per month available to distribute amongst all providers. Order limits will continue to be limited to no more than 5 doses. Providers will not be guaranteed to get this vaccine each month. Ordering for this vaccine will be tracked as demand is higher than availability. If an order is filled for one particular provider one month, it may be 2-3 months before another order gets approved again for the same provider.


  • Currently, there are no imposed limits on the other vaccines but that could change if warranted.


DOH has been told that extra funds to help with their 317 programs will become available, however, a date has not been determined. Questions regarding 317 can be directed to