About 3.7 Million Medicaid Beneficiaries Have Been Disenrolled Nationally

Data collected from 37 states and DC as of July 25 shows at least 3,724,000 Medicaid beneficiaries have been disenrolled from Medicaid according to NACHC’s National Enrollment Data Tracker. Overall, 37% of people with a completed renewal were disenrolled in those states that reported, while 63%, or 5.7 million enrollees, had their coverage renewed (five of the reporting states do not provide data on renewed enrollees). Of concern nationally is the anticipated number of individuals disenrolled due to procedural reasons such as not receiving renewal packets in the mail, not understanding the notices, or not returning the packets prior to the termination date. Specific state data for Medicaid and CHIP enrollment is available. Some states want to reduce Medicaid beneficiaries overall while others want to preserve coverage for as many people as possible. States also had varying timelines to initiate unwinding-related renewals which plays a factor in the numbers.