The 2021 Virtual Community and Public Health Conference took place on April 8 and 9, 2021.

The conference was a collaborative continuing education program from the Pennsylvania Public Health Association, the Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health,  the Penn State College of Medicine’s Public Health Program, and the Pennsylvania Society for Public Health Education.


Opening Address Ruth McDermott

Session 1A Adrian Shanker

Session 1B Jonathan Sprague

Session 2A Melissa Butt

Session 2B Katie Suppes Jamie Magee

Day 2 Opening Remarks Robert McKenna

Human Trafficking Update Christine Woolslayer

Session 5A Sri Banerjee

Session 5B Kate Nolt

Zoom Recordings

Day 1 Opening Remarks

Session 1A – Utilizing Partnerships to Eliminate Disparities

Session 1B – Surveying Pennsylvania Communities

Session 2A – Improving Health Using Community Outreach

Session 2B – Facilitating Support for At-risk Youth

Session 3A – Addressing Urban Health and Housing Issues

Session 3B – Training the Community and Public Health Workforce

Day 2 Opening Remarks

Rural Human Trafficking as a Public Health Issue: 2020/2021 Update

Session 4A – Addressing Challenges Faced by College Students

Session 4B – Creating Sustainable Health in Pennsylvania

Session 5A – Finding Solutions to Unique Health Challenges

Session 5B – Understanding Abuse and Addiction as it Relates to Mental Health Status