New from Rural Health Value: Rural Innovation Profile

The Rural Health Value team recently released a new Rural Innovation Profile focused on how a rural healthsystem identified options to provide behavioral health services, considering community need, financial reimbursement, and provider motivation.

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Community Care Integration – Southern Prairie, a 12-county collaboration in rural southwestern Minnesota, facilitates the integration of health care services and community supports across the region, through accountable care approaches. (July 2018)


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· Value-Based Care Assessment – Assess capacity and capabilities to deliver value-based care. Receive an eight category readiness report.
· Physician Engagement – Score current engagement and build effective relationships to create a shared vision for a successful future.
· Board and Community Engagement – Hold value-based care discussions as part of strategic planning and performance measurement.
· Social Determinants of Health – Learn and encourage rural leaders/care teams to address issues to improve their community’s health.

Contact information:

Keith J. Mueller, Ph.D.
Co-Principal Investigator