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Pennsylvania Cancer Control, Prevention and Research Advisory Board Report for 2015-2016

CDC and NCI Release Cancer Statistics Report

American Lung Association Releases “State of Tobacco Control 2016” Report

Latino/Hispanic Cancer Burden Report for Pennsylvania

American Lung Association Releases “State of Tobacco Control 2017” Report

Support for Rural Recruitment and Practice among U.S. Nurse Practitioner Education Programs

Update: Independently Owned Pharmacy Closures in Rural America, 2003-2013

Home Health Care Agency Availability in Rural Counties

Rural-Urban Chartbook

Federal office of Rural Health Policy announces Rural Network Allied Health Training Program

Characteristics of Rural Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) – A Survey of Medicare ACOs with Rural Presence

Rural Women Delivering Babies in Non-Local Hospitals: Differences by Rurality and Insurance Status

Prehospital Emergency Medical Services Personnel in Rural Areas: Results from a Survey in Nine States

Rural and Urban Differences with Regard to Medicare Part D Plans

CMS Seeks Nominations for Hospital Advisory Panel

Report Highlights Health Care Availability for Children Based on Geographic Location

The Intersection of Residence and Area Deprivation: The Case of Hospitalizations from Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions Among Children

Brief Illustrates the Role of Free Clinics as Rural Safety Net Providers

Policy Brief Assesses Differences in Readmission Penalties Between Rural and Urban Hospitals

Atlas of Rural and Small-Town America Released

USDA Awards 21 AgrAbility Grants to Expand Access to Farming for Americans with Disabilities

HSS Awards up to $22.9 million in Planning Grants for Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics

Federal Office of Rural Health Policy Calls for Abstracts

Implications of Rural Residence and Single Mother Status for Maternal Smoking Behaviors Research Brief Released

The Rising Rate of Rural Hospital Closures

Poorer Quality Outcomes of Medicare-Certified Home Health Care in Areas with High Levels of Native American/Alaska Native Residents

Minimum Distance Requirements Could Harm High-Performing CAHs and Rural Communities

Access to Rural Home Health Services Research Brief Released

Exploring Rural and Urban Mortality Differences Research Products Released

Outcomes of Rural-Centric Residency Training to Prepare Family Medicine Physicians for Rural Practice Research Brief Released

Conrad 30 Waivers for Physicians on J-1 Visas: State Policies, Practices, and Perspectives

HIT Strategies for Improving Health Access for Rural Veterans Research Brief Released

Adverse Childhood Experiences in Rural and Urban Contexts

State Variations in the Rural Obstetric Workforce

Rural-Urban Differences in Anticipated Need for Aging-Related Assistance

Trends in Rural Children’s Health DataSpeak

Vulnerable Rural Counties: The Changing Landscape, 2000-2010

Alternative Models to Preserving Access to Emergency Care

Webinar Recording Available – Ups and Downs: Trends in Rural Children’s Access to Care

Trends in Rural Children’s Health and Access to Care

Webinar Recording Available: Prevalence of Opioids and the Workforce to Provide Treatment in Rural and Urban Settings

Area Deprivation is Higher Among Rural Counties – but Not All Rural Counties Are Deprived

Research Highlights Rural Adolescent Use of Prescription Painkillers

Geographic and Specialty Distribution of US Physicians Trained to Treat Opioid Use Disorder

Rural Opioid Abuse Research Brief Released

Families in Crisis: The Human Service Implications of Rural Opioid Misuse

A Rural Taxonomy of Population and Health-Resource Characteristics

The 21st Century Rural Hospital: A Chart Book

Rural EMS Report Released

AHRQ Releases Rural Health Care Chartbook

Appalachia Data Portal and Readmissions Explorer Launched

2013 Pennsylvania State Health Assessment Released

Rep. Glenn Thompson (R-PA5) Applauds PORH and the 2014 Pennsylvania Rural Health Award Recipients

Muncy Valley Hospital Receives Award for Quality Improvement in Rural Health

Surgical Services in Critical Access Hospitals, 2011

Advancing the Transition to a High Performance Rural Health System

New Flex Monitoring Team Policy Brief Examines CAHs’ Receipt of EHR Incentives

Use and Performance Variations in U.S. Rural Emergency Departments: Implications for Improving Care Quality and Reducing Costs

Rural Health Clinic Readiness for Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition

Developmental Strategies and Challenges of Rural Accountable Care Organizations

Developmental Strategies and Challenges of Rural Accountable Care Organizations

Care Coordination in Rural Communities: Supporting the High Performance Rural Health System

Critical Access Hospital Locations Available

List of Cleanest Hospital Rooms in Pennsylvania Hospitals Released

Free Clinics in the Rural Safety Net Research Brief Released

Rural Hospital and Physician Participation in Private Sector Quality Initiatives Policy Brief Released

Financially Fragile Hospitals: Mergers and Closures

The Effect of Surgery on the Profitability of Rural Hospitals

The Rural Obstetric Workforce in US Hospitals: Challenges and Opportunities

Mortality and Life Expectancy in Rural America Policy Brief Released

Federal Office of Rural Health Policy Resource Guide Now Available Online

Physician Assistant Training Programs Producing Rural PA Research Brief Released

Pilot Testing a Rural Health Clinic Quality Measurement Reporting System Policy Brief Released

Geographic Variation in Risk of Financial Distress among Rural Hospitals Research Brief Released

Prediction of Financial Distress among Rural Hospitals Research Brief Released

2012-14 Profitability of Urban and Rural Hospitals by Medicare Payment Classification

Geographic Variation in the Profitability of Urban and Rural Hospitals

How Could Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants Be Deployed to Provide Rural Primary Care?

Quality Measures and Sociodemographic Risk Factors: The Rural Context

Graduates of Rural-Centric Family Medicine Residencies: Determinants of Rural and Urban Practice

Aligning Forces for Quality Initiative: Summative Findings and Lessons Learned from Efforts to Improve Healthcare Quality at the Community Level

Supply and Distribution of the Behavioral Health Workforce in Rural America

Trends in Risk of Financial Distress among Rural Hospitals

Data about Appalachia at Your Fingertips

The Impact of the Low Volume Hospital (LVH) Program on the Viability of Small, Rural Hospitals

The Financial Importance of the Sole Community Hospital Payment Designation

Comparing the Community Benefit Spending of Critical Access, Other Rural, and Urban Hospitals

Spread of Accountable Care Organizations in Rural America

Medicare Accountable Care Organizations: Quality Performance by Geographic Categories

Community Factors and Outcomes of Home Health Care for High-Risk Rural Medicare Beneficiaries