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Jim Harvey, B.S.

Pennsylvania Rural Health Farm Worker Protection Safety Specialist

311 Nursing Sciences Building, University Park, PA 16802
Office: (814) 863-8214 Email:

Jim (known by some as “The WPS Geek”) helps agricultural producers and their employees gain an understanding of, and comply with, the Environmental Protection Agency’s Worker Protection Standard (WPS). The program places special emphasis on migrant and immigrant farm workers as well as the Amish and Old Order Mennonite (Anabaptist) communities.

Jim offers technical and compliance assistance in various formats:

  • presentations at agricultural producer meetings and conferences
  • the development of safety training materials;
  • on-site visits to farms, orchards, greenhouses and nurseries.

Jim earned his bachelor’s degree in general studies with an emphasis on conservation law enforcement from Lock Haven State College (Lock Haven University). Prior to joining the Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health, he served as a regional farm safety educator with Penn State Extension.

Jim lives in the Lewistown, PA area and has two adult daughters. Jim’s hobbies include hiking and helping people and organizations improve their buildings’ energy efficiency – so when he’s not “bothering” growers about WPS, he’s probably “bothering” them about improving their farm’s energy efficiency.