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On Wednesday, October 19th, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) hosted a Rural Health Solutions Summit in their Baltimore, MD headquarters.  More than 600 rural advocates (including NRHA leadership, staff, and members) participated in this meeting.

The stated purpose of the event was to bring together stakeholders from all sectors of the health care industry to discuss opportunities to improve access to care in rural America and to support local solutions and innovations in care delivery.  Additional information about the meeting itself, including videos from the event can be found HERE.

For rural advocates, here are five key reasons why this CMS Summit matters:

  1. Top of mind.
  2. Collaboration and coordination.
  3. Rural hospital closure crisis.
  4. Place matters.
  5. A new beginning.

For more detailed information on these five reasons, please visit the full blog post by Alan Morgan, National Rural Health Association Chief Executive Officer.